We’ve worked with:

Virós Itziar Gonzalez, architect
Toolstudio, architecture firm
ArchiDAB; Debora Alasraki, architect
Bbarquitectes, architecture firm
Valentina Maini, architect
Alejandro Marambio, architect
K2 Consulting, engineering
Maria Labernia, architect
Miquel Colomer, architect
Avantgarde Studio Graphics, firm
Tere Moral, graphic designer
Pau Valiente, imaging and post-production
Natalia Foguet and Jordi Gispert
Oriol Rosselló, architect
Microarchitecture, ephemeral producing
Jaume Arderiu, architect
Pere Armadas, architect
Daniel Cadilla, solar engineer
Rob Shlayer, carpenter
Carlos Molina and Oscar Badia, physical production and installation
Jordi Font, geologist
Roger Mata, geologist
ASF, Architecture Without Borders
Dept. Works Forum, Barcelona 2004 ; Frederic Crespo, director of dept.
Martín Ruiz de Azúa, industrial designer
Omega 3, engineering
JSS, engineering
Pujol Architecture, architecture office
Silvia Amorós, architect
GBB, installers