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  • Earth Architecture

    Emporda, Catalonia, Spain 2002 Xiaarquitectura, Oriol Rosselló and Lluís Auquer In the spring of 2002, there were three workshops set up to demonstrate Tapial architecture – which is the earth architecture of Girona.

  • Construction of a Settlement Using Recycled Products or Waste

    Port of Sant Adrià, Barcelona, Spain Forum Barcelona 2004 Xiaarquitectura and Valentina Maini This workshop stressed the importance of utilising waste material as an economic substitute for the construction of alternative housing…

  • Stuttgart Designers Saturday 2003

    Stuttgart, Germany October 2003 Xiaarquitectura, Valentina Maini and Chisato Kuroki This collaborative workshop took place in Stuttgart. It was a combination of creative efforts between artists, designers, and makers in general, both German and Catalan-Mallorcan.

  • Volta Cerámica

    Masia Les Comes, Bages, Catalonia, Spain 2005 Xiaarquitectura This workshop involved the recovery of a “Volta Ceramica” from the seventeenth century, a 16m2 ceramic vault. The structure was rebuilt as it was…