El Til.ler Waldorf Secondary School

Bellaterra, Barcelona, Spain
May to September 2015

The Til.ler Waldorf school in Bellaterra already had programs for kindergarten and primary education, so the project was to build a location for a secondary school. This project was particulary interesting because the property arranged for the construction was rented land – so the school building needed to be easily re-locateable in the case that the school rented different land in the future.

Points of Interest
  1. The entirety of the building is able to be semi-deconstructed and moved to new locations as needed.
  2. This school very nearly meets the qualifications of a “Passive House”, as it needs no heating elements.
  3. The project was designed, built, and placed in 5 months.
  4. All materials used were ecological; for example, the insulation is composed of natural cotton.

waldorf Til.ler UNO copia

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