Festival Africas

FAD Award: Ephemeral Architecture 2002
CCCB: Contemporary Cultural Centre of Barcelona
Xavier Codina, Balanzó Arola, Gianni Ruggiero, Oriol Rosselló (ASF)

The courtyard of the CCCB held main events for the Festival Africas, between June 1st and 4th, 2001. The space accommodated different events, such as conferences, lectures, exhibitions, image projections, and a dance space – while also publicizing the activities of the organization ASF.

The two main focuses for this project’s design were its functionality and its incorporation into the existing geometric courtyard. The project sought to enhance the architectural value of the original space with ephemeral elements that adapted to the specific needs of the moment.

The central element is a suspended, horizontal plane, defining the space in the courtyard with a mesh screen which alters the light passing through it. The wall of tires creates vertical partitions which separate and organize things visually. Underneath, where the events take place, the feeling is of an ephemeral African market.

Both the horizontal and vertical surfaces converge on one point: the black colour of these materials, which compose a subtle link to the Festival Africas.

africas copia