FGC / Railway Company Temporary Fence

Sarrià district, Barcelona, Spain
January 2005
Xavier Codina, Arola Balanzó, Gianni Ruggiero, Oriol Rosselló

The proposed fence looks to seamlessly fit in with worksites for the two to three years of construction, suiting the FGC offices’ needs. The wall is to not only be fully functional as a barrier, but at the same time sustainable, and in dialogue with
the surrounding environment in an interactive manner. It seeks to demonstrate what will be on the site in the future.

The idea of this proposal was to incorporate the railway and all its components – a structural unit that can be stacked to generate volumes or plans. The recycled railway components offer various forms and multiple possibilities of creating fence elements that then connect with different urban spaces of the neighbourhood.

There are three different types of facades, located on Via Augusta street, Vergós street, and Cardinal Senmenat street. These designs offer a unique solution to the different needs of each street.