Infrastructure Program in the Bobo-Dioulasso Region

Burkina Faso
2002 – 2005
X. Codina, A. Balanzó, C. Rigotti, M. Mafrechaux (ASF International Cooperation)

The project in Bobo Dioulasso was done in cooperation with the local association Wuro yiré, based in the city, that coordinates a series of rural associations around the Bobo area (in total 14 villages).

The work in association with Wuro yiré is based in finding solutions for issues in education for children, education for women, and lack of water.

The specific objectives for this program consisted of strategic planning and construction of 10 wells, 4 primary schools and 14 multi-use classrooms for teaching literacy to women. The buildings were equipped with solar energy, and housing for teachers and their families.

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