Meeting Point – Space Forum Barcelona 2004

Portal del Angel / corner of Plaza de Cataluña, Barcelona
March 2004

This constructed space was proposed as a meeting point, to act as a reference for citizens and visitors of the city and Forum.

This space was in dialogue with the environment of the street which it occupied, participating in the urban elements of its surroundings – trees, seating areas, etc …

The corners of the voluminous facade jut out into the walkway, and bright, bold designs call passersby to investigate, welcome visitors, and displays that there will be much information presented at and after this Forum.

The meeting place occupies about 100m2 of public area and about 73m2 of private area, and has a shop, ticket area, information area, office with safe, changing rooms, toilet, and three storerooms.

The program also had two info zones, one aimed at hosting promotional DVDs of the Forum and the other showing the daily agenda in an eye-catching manner.

The architecture, aside from creating space, corners, routes, etc … is made to support the graphic sign which publicizes the what, where, and when of the activities, shows, daily and monthly programming, accessibility/transportation, prices, services, other places of sale, etc …

The architecture made sure that the public information needing to be displayed was done so in a visually pleasing manner.

The other visible contructive materials refer to the materials that the city, in a generalized way, recycles through the containers in public roads: paper, glass and plastics. They are complemented by two glass cubes, and a cube made with pallets – a paradigm of reuse, as an element that is used many times until it ends up being recycled.

meeting point copia