Plazas Coromines, Caramelles, and Angels

Barcelona, Spain

This vast project was actually a compilation of many smaller architectural interventions. The objective was to connect these three public plazas and historical buildings in a more smooth manner, while also improving the useablity of the urban space by citizens with practical and uselful solutions.

In order to maintain continuity in connecting the spaces, the same materials were used in the interventions that were used during the initial construction. High quality materials lended to the asthetic beauty of the new architecture, but the useability of this space was also greatly improved. For example, where there was once a wall between two plazas that acquired trash and unsavery activity, a new stairway was contructed using large, broad-spanning stone steps. This not only solved the issue of trash buildup, but also gave the public much more access between spaces.

All additions and edits were done in a way so that they blended seamlessly with the original architecture. These “urban updates” provided increased functionality and architectural value.