Rehabilitation of 17th Century Farmhouse in Gaia

La Masia Codina
2007 – 2010
Xiaarquitectura and ARP

This project involved refurbishing a historic farmhouse located in the village of Bages Gaia. The focus of our building efforts was to preserve and enhance aspects of the architecture and traditional heritage of the area.

The establishment consists of a series of large-scale spaces, hosting all of the usual aspects of a country house – but the specific features, size, and quality of this buildings made it an exceptional case.

The techniques and materials used in this renovation were entirely consistent with and respectful of the local heritage. We also incorporated groups of workers schooled in the traditional trades, such as masons, experts in the use of cane as a constructive element, traditional mortar craftsman, locksmiths and carpenters… the list goes on.

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