Renovation of a Town House

Gualta Village, Emporda, Spain

This renovation project involved enhancing the architectural values of a 3-story town house, with focus on complimenting the original building style. The new design opens up the courtyard to let more light inside and gives fantastic views of Empordà.

The materials are simple but raw, traditional, and honest: wood, stone, metal, and ceramics; each material has its own unique traditional value.

The project restores and consolidates the entire house by utilising space and retaining its simple layout. The kitchen and dining space are located on the ground floor, along with the laundry and storeroom. On the first floor there is a living area divided in two parts; a bedroom and a bathroom, one more private than the other. Above is a mezzanine floor where there is second bedroom, an adjoining room, and another bathroom. The whole building is connected vertically by means of a ladder.

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