Promotional Stand Forum Barcelona 2004

141 dies de Fòrum, at the Sant Adrià harbour in Barcelona

The objective was to create an innovative promotional stand to be set up at fairs and at different social events throughout Spain that represents and comunicates the values and meaning of the Forum Barcelona 2004. Serving as an information and interactional space, the stand should arouse visitors’ expectations and enthusiasm about the event, while informing about the program, dates and prices.

This was realized by a highly convertible construction that can be easily adopted to specific on site demands. Within a one – or optionally two – cubes framework a set of components can be flexibly combined to create different shapes and model space according to different functions and needs. Through the translucident ceiling the cubes are illuminated by sunlight. Mirror lines located in the bottom area of the walls make the cubes seem to float over the floor. The structure can be easily set up, safely locked and fits into only one truck for transportation.

stand forum 2004 copia